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Do No Harm is an medical series on NBC. It is set to premiere after Celebrity Apprentice from 2012-2013. It is produced and written by David Schulner. Do No Harm is about Dr. Jason Cole, a prominent, kind and good-looking neurosurgeon. He seems to have the perfect life, except for one dirty secret: he struggles with Dissociative Identity Disorder. Occasionally, he will transform into an entirely different person, who seems to be borderline sociopathic and possibly dangerous. His alternate personality goes by the name Ian Price, and for a while, Jason has been able to keep Ian at bay by using a powerful, experimental sedative. But it seems that his body has become immune to the sedative, and the repressed Ian is set on taking revenge. Read More...

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Do No Harm Trailer (NBC Series)

Do No Harm Trailer (NBC Series)


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Jason Cole is the main character of Do No Harm. He is a prominent neurosurgeon with a dirty secret. He struggles with Dissociative Identity Disorder, and his sociopathic alter ego, Ian Price, is a constant source of stress for him. Read more...

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  • Gcheung28

    Do No Harm finally premiered last night and it was an interesting start to a new series! For those of you new to the wiki and this show, Do No Harm is a Jekyll and Hyde story. Dr. Jason Cole (the Jekyll) is a prominent, kind and good-looking neurosurgeon and he seems to have the perfect life, except …

    Read more >
  • Gcheung28

    It's almost time for Do No Harm to air on our TVs!! For those of you anxiously waiting, the pilot episode is actually available online at NBC's YouTube channel. For those of you willing to wait until the premiere on January 31, what do you think is going to happen in the premiere?

    The show seems prett…

    Read more >
  • LexiLexi

    Clip From Do No Harm

    June 1, 2012 by LexiLexi

    We don't know that much about Do No Harm, but we do know one thing: this show is guaranteed to be suspenseful. I mean, how would you feel if your neurosurgeon had a violent alter-ego? I wouldn't like it one bit.

    But I might like watching a show about it. If you're still unsure of whether you would …

    Read more >
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