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Do No Harm finally premiered last night and it was an interesting start to a new series! For those of you new to the wiki and this show, Do No Harm is a Jekyll and Hyde story. Dr. Jason Cole (the Jekyll) is a prominent, kind and good-looking neurosurgeon and he seems to have the perfect life, except for one dirty secret: he struggles with Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Occasionally, Jason will transform into an entirely different person named Ian Price (the Hyde), who seems to be borderline sociopathic and possibly dangerous. For a while, he was able to keep his other half sedated, but Ian has grown used to the drug and is ready to take revenge on Jason!

So what happened in last night's premiere? Read on!

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  • Ian has five years of resentment and anger built up toward Jason and his first move is to terrify the female doctor that Jason is interested in. Jason was afraid to date because Ian takes over at 8:25pm every night so he never made a move on the other doctor.
  • Ian has a drunken orgy his first night out (not to mention indulging in coke)!
  • He terrorizes Jason's colleague his second night out.
  • On the 3rd night, Ian tries to perform surgery. Jason, however, was smart enough to put some precautions in place to stop Ian before doing the surgery. For example, he set up Ian to beat up an abusive cop (yay, a good deed!).
  • Jason then tries leaving a tape for Ian proposing a truce, which is, if Ian stays out of his life, he won't try to shut him down. In reality, Jason wants to kill his alter ego, but the feeling is mutual!

It's fun seeing Steven Pasquale play two totally opposite characters, but is it enough to keep this show going? What did you think of the premiere?

What did you think of the first episode, Pilot?

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